Muscle Promotions: Bringing Top Athletes to You!


Muscle Promotions brings top athletes from the bodybuilding, strength and fitness scene to the fans. Muscle Promotions has organised meet & greets, photo shoots and training sessions with tops names including Mr Olympia Phil Heath, IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar, World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw, Top UK strongman Terry Hollands and renown bodybuilder Jason Corrick.

The muscle and fitness industry relies on its fans. This is where Muscle Promotions gets involved: through events, social media, gym and shop meets and online galleries and videos, fans get that little bit closer to their sporting stars.

Muscle Promotions continually add media content including; training videos, photos and much more.  Also, exclusive merchandise from our stars available soon through our online shop. All merchandise will not be available elsewhere all being exclusive to Muscle Promotions.

Muscle Promotions is a sister company of a chain of businesses, including; Beast Industries, Born Alpha, Alpha Training Gym.


We would like to see all businesses, federations and individuals in the sport of bodybuilding to work together. 

At the end of the day, we are all fanatics of bodybuilding. So why can't everyone get along.


Our mission is to bring professional athletes past and present to the fan's.

We also aim to bring another aspect to Muscle Promotions which involves those not directly involved in shows and competitions, but in fact use the gym for their own careers, such as in movies and television.

Watch this space...